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Planetshakers “Beautiful Savior”

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Had this song stuck in my head all day:

I think the lyrics are lovely… It doesn’t really tell us much about Jesus, but it’s a pretty song.

Beautiful Savior by Planetshakers – Lyrics

Jesus, Beautiful Saviour,
God of all Majesty,
Risen king,
Lamb of God,
Holy and righteous,
Blessed redeemer,
Bright morning star

All the heavens shout your praise,
All creation bow to worship You

How wonderful, how beautiful,
Name above every name, exalted high
How wonderful, how beautiful,
Jesus your name, name above every name, Jesus

The guitar chords are something like…

Beautiful Savior – Planetshakers – Guitar Chords:

A |: E/G# F#m7
A/C# Bm7 E

(Note: The first A chord is only played the first time)

E A/C# D
E A/C# D F#m7 E


A F#m7
E D A/C# Bm7 D/F# E/G#

Repeat progression x2

This song was written by Henry Seeley and appears on “Pick it up” – it’s one of 5 (out of 14) songs not written by Mike Guglielmucci on that album. Majesty and Pick it Up are two other songs I like on this album, both of which were written by Mike Guglielmucci.

You can watch an interview with Henry Seeley here:

If you want to get this song, you can get it on Amazon for $0.99, or on iTunes.

10 Responses

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  1. umm…What’s the purpose of this post, exactly?


    September 4, 2008 at 12:08 am

  2. Steve: I didn’t create the blog to slag off Planetshakers – but to discuss Planetshakers objectively.

    Planetshakers Insider

    September 4, 2008 at 3:54 pm

  3. No, I mean this particular post. What’s the purpose of mentioning that Beautiful Saviour was running through your head all day, and explaining hiow to play it? It just doesnt seem to add up to the beggining of a discussion, thats all.


    September 5, 2008 at 10:51 pm

  4. Ok, no response yet. That’s fine, I wasn’t exactly expecting one.

    I have this message for you. It’s very simple. It’s not up to me, or anyone else, to say whether this blog is the right thing or not. For all we know, God spoke to you and told you to do it.

    And if that’s the case, keep going. If God has told you to, then let nothing stand in your way, and you will see the fruit from this. Which reminds me, what came of the leader who you mentioned contacted you within the first 4 days? I think that’s important for you to let us know about that.

    On my end, I will continue to show proof when I have it concerning the points you have brought up, to show that the church does do well in the areas you have problems with. I will say nothing that I have no proof of. I believe this church is doing a great job, and I believe our pastors are God appointed, who seek God on all matters concerning the church, and thus, I seek to defend it.

    However, I have noticed that people may read into things what they want to read into things, and look for what they expect or want to see. People see this blog as great or terrible depending on what they look for, or gloss over points, or ignore them completely, because they want their point to stand firm. I believe that most people who are concerned with this site, on either side, could easily be doing that.

    Now, to my point about this post on Beautiful Saviour. It’s a very personal thing that doesn’t invoke discussion. Will it help to bring about change, that is concerned with the church, or is it just something about what was happening to you at the time? If you truly want this site to bring about change, and want people to take you seriously, as opposed to just think you are blowing of steam, or just chatting, you must avoid posts that focus on your personal walk with God, or that have meaning to, basically, you, and you alone. This, I feel, is one such post.

    This has no discussion. It helps bring no change. If it does anything, it makes us think that this blog is all about you. I know this isn’t what you want.

    Again, I stress that if this is a God thing, keep going. What this is about is ultimately between you and God.

    Now for a side note. Sorry, but I’m a muso, and getting these things right is important to me 🙂

    There are some mistakes in your chord chart, but it’s pretty close. These are the chords (“I” represents the start and end of the bars):

    6/8 Time


    I A I E/G# I F#m7 I E I
    I D I A/C# I Bm7 I I


    I E I A/C# I D I I
    I E I A/C# I D I E I


    I A I E/G# I F#m7 I E I
    I D I A/C# I Bm7 I F#m7 E/G# I
    I A I E/G# I F#m7 I E I
    I D I Bm7 I D F#m7 I E I


    I Asus I A I Asus I A I


    I A I E/G# I F#m7 I E I
    I D I A/C# I Bm7 I F#m7 E/G# I


    I Asus I A I Asus I A I X 3
    I Asus I A I Asus I D E F#m7 E/G# I

    In the outro, the last bit is only done the first round through, the next time, it is just the first part of the outro

    Also, words for the Bridge:

    I will sing forever
    Jesus I love You
    Jesus I love You

    and Outro:

    Jesus, Beautiful Saviour



    September 9, 2008 at 12:25 am

  5. Ok, the comment didn’t represent all my spaces between the bars…..Sorry about that for anyone concerned…. Listen for when each change occurs, they occur in half-bars, if that makes sense (except the last bit of the outro, which occurs every quarter of a bar)


    September 9, 2008 at 12:28 am

  6. Thanks Steve – I missed your previous comment. I’ve been getting dozens each time I check this blog, and yours aren’t being moderated (I trust you 😉 ) so it’s easy for them to slip through the cracks.

    Let me respond to your questions one-by-one…

    Re: The leader – nothing’s happened yet – it took us over a week to clarify some important points, and now we’re just trying to find a time to speak together (he wants to speak inside 9-5 hours, I work 9-5 and have a big deadline at work…).

    Re: why make this post – well, this blog is about Planetshakers. I’d received a lot of harsh criticism from people believing I was completely negative about Planetshakers. That wasn’t true. So I decided to post on something more positive and shared this post, some lyrics and chords to help people who were interested in Planetshakers music. Thanks for fixing up the chords by the way.

    Re: Whether this blog is a God thing – I don’t know. I’m not fortunate enough to have much in the way of a dialog with God. However, I did feel compelled to write on some topics here, and… here we are…

    Planetshakers Insider

    September 9, 2008 at 4:22 am

  7. Just an update – the leader I mentioned (Ps Ben Fewster) is on leave at the moment and is unable to be contacted…

    Planetshakers Insider

    September 15, 2008 at 7:59 pm

  8. Hey PS Insider,

    Thanks for responding to the comments I brought forth here. I appreciate your honesty. I’m also glad to hear you trust me, I appreciate it.

    As for the Pastor, Ps Ben is very friendly, thinks very logically and straight forward, is very learned in the Bible, and is definitely a great person to speak with. I speak with him every occasionally (I first met him when he was my brother’s Urban Life leader), and I am certain that he will listen to you, you will be able to have an open dialogue with him, and that he will take on board all that you have to say.

    Thanks again for the responses


    September 16, 2008 at 11:06 pm

  9. Hey,
    I think this does tell us a fair bit about Jesus- well if you already speak Christianese, anyway. Lyrically, I think it’s a beautiful worship song.
    Are you legally allowed to post the song and its chords though? Isn’t it copyrighted?


    September 27, 2008 at 8:23 pm

  10. Hi guys.. I just hope that if we sing each lines of the song.. we make sure that we really mean it.. like ‘Jesus i love you’.. we should be sure that we are doing His will.. which is not only to worship Him but also to spread salvation to everyone.. When was the last time we gave up gospel tracts? witness strangers? declare the gospel to unbelievers? if we think we haven’t do it for a long time.. then if we are saying we ‘love Jesus’ then we are just blaspheming His Holy name.. tnx and God bless you all..


    December 29, 2009 at 12:23 am

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