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Planetshakers Difficult Choice: How To Respond on Sunday?

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This Sunday will be a big day at Planetshakers City Church, which is meeting at Melbourne Town Hall.

Guest speaker, Ps Glen Berteau, has been invited to speak at Planetshakers City Church. So Planetshakers will need to be sensitive about giving their invited guest a chance to speak.

But this is poor timing for Planetshakers.

At a time when they need to deal with the fall-out caused by Michael Guglielmucci’s fraudulent cancer claims, effort, time and care needs to put into dealing with the anger, resentment, disappointment that has been caused by the revelation of Michael Guglielmucci’s lie.

Particularly as most Planetshakers members will have had a close emotional experience with Michael – through his music, through his influence as Youth Pastor, through his altar calls where many young Planetshakers made their first decisions for Christ, and through prayer for Michael Guglielmucci’s healing.

So how much time will Planetshakers leadership dedicate to pastorally caring for their flock in the wake of Mike Guglielmucci’s lie, and how much of the stage will go to a man who by most accounts is an outsider to the church’s daily activities, Glen Berteau, as a result of their commitment to their guest remains to be seen.

Surely any sermon on healing should come from Planetshakers leadership itself, rather than a man who, while being involved with the church, is not within Planetshakers leadership.

I read in the news:

“…A statement about the preacher, who is the son of the founder of the Edge Church at Reynella in Adelaide, will be read at churches on Sunday.”

This would be an appropriate response to churches that had known of Mike…

…but for his home church, this would be a disappointing and underwhelming response if Planetshakers ignored people’s hurt and coldly kept to a prepared written statement.

With team of three pastoral carers, serving a church that boasts membership in the mid single digit thousands, and small groups run by leaders whose core skills and training are not around pastoral care, pastoral care at the best of times is not Planetshakers strong suit.

Given current difficulties, it will be interesting to see how the shepherds tend to a flock of disappointed, angry and philosophical people who are all searching for answers in a time of difficult faith.

I’m sure they’ll do more than simply reading a statement; but will they choose to ask their guest to step down so that they can more personally and effectively deal with the hurt and anguish their flock is facing themselves?

Written by Planetshakers Insider

August 23, 2008 at 9:15 am