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Planetshakers Should Constantly Improve In All Areas

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Let me share this comment left by another Planetshakers member who dropped by today, as much of it reflects how I feel about Planetshakers too:

I also attend Planetshakers, and have to say that I fundamentally agree with the premise of this blog. Provided that you are not “gossiping” or “slandering” or solely providing “negative feedback”, I think that this blog has the potential to provide a much needed feedback loop to the leadership of the church — a barometer for the church that it did not have before this blog was created.

My views of Planetshakers church and culture are overwhelmingly positive, but I do see some areas of the church culture that could be improved — especially as regards to the church’s willingness to be self-reflective, receive constructive feedback/comments, and grow/improve/better itself over time over time. I’m not talking about the growth/improvement/bettering of the services and events, but rather that the culture of the church should not be static, and should be open to refinement and improvement.

I think that feedback and comments (when given out of the Spirit and love for Jesus and a desire to improve the part of His body that is Planetshakers) should be welcomed rather than dismissed as “divisive” or “negative” or “driven by the enemy”. More than once I have heard senior leaders say (along the lines of) “if you don’t like the way we do things here, maybe you should find another church”. That kind of approach to accountability and culture is not conducive to openness and intelligent discussions about any issues, problems, or other matters being faced by the church.

I also find it difficult when (a) the messages preached press us to dig into the word, follow Jesus not men, and “not be about religion/religiosity, but about a personal relationship with Jesus”, but (b) we are told not to debate/discuss/question any of the church’s religion, culture and policies. I think also that (at least in part), the term “church culture” is really a synonym for “the way we do things here, which are not to be questioned or debated” and in some cases “our religious practices, which are also not to be questioned or debated”.

I love Planetshakers and everyone in the church, but not as much as I love Christ. We follow Jesus (who is perfect), not man (who is imperfect). Planetshakers is not a perfect church, its leadership is not perfect, and its culture is not perfect — but He is perfect, and He is why the church exists.

My desire is for Planetshakers to be filled with intelligent, bible-reading, close-to-Jesus, spirit-filled believers who want the best for His church and who aren’t agraid to suggest new ideas or give constructive feedback. I hope that, over time, Planetshakers will become a place that encourages and fosters such an approach, and is open to receiving feedback and improving its “culture”.

I am very positive about Planetshakers, and am equally positive about the benefits that this blog could provide to the church.

(I’ve added the emphasis on a couple of points that I feel are key/core to the issue.)

Overall the commentary on this blog has been very positive, with 48 encouraging, thoughtful, positive or engaging comments left on this blog to date. I am concerned with the 3 negative commenters who have posted as I feel that they have misread the message and intention of the blog – but hopefully this post will help to clarify the message of this blog.

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August 24, 2008 at 2:19 pm

Mike Guglielmucci: Official Statement?

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From the Adelaide Advertiser today:

The statement was read to a packed congregation at the pentacostal church his father, Danny Gugliamucci founded, Edge Church International at Reynella.

Mr Gugliemucci’s says the reason behind his fictitious cancer story was to hide his 16 year obsession with pornography.

“It is with much pain and sadness that I make this statement today,” he said in the statement.

“For over 16 years I have struggled with an addition to adult pornography as a result of this secret life of sin my body would often breakdown.

“I’d report the cause of my symptoms simply as illnesses and I’ve thrown my life into a ministry for many years trying to compensate for my sin.

“I believe that I do love Jesus and I know that he loves me and it is this love along with the prayers of people around the world that bring me to this place of confession.

“Two years ago, I reported that I was suffering from cancer, the truth is that although I was ill I did not have cancer but was again using the misdiagnosis to hid the lie that I was living.

“I know in my heart that it is the truth alone that will set me free and this is the reason for my confession.

“I’ve dishonoured God, my wife, my family and the church and I take full responsibility for my actions and would like to make it very clear that no-one else was in any way aware of my double life.

“I’m fully commited to a process of discipline, recovery and restitution and will see this process through to what ever extent is necessary.

“I am deeply sorry and pray that you will find it in your hearts to forgive me.

“Currently I am undergoing professional medical assessment and evaluation to help identify and begin to treat the real and much deeper issues.

“Please continue to pray for my wife and I and my family as we have a long, hard road ahead of us but a road that I’m thankful to God that I’m finally walking.”

I expect that this will be read to Planetshakers today, as well as other ACC/AoG churches like Hillsong.

I’m sure the overwhelming feeling of most people will be sadness when they hear this – as it was for me when I read it today.

This statement is very confusing – for me, and sadly it seems for Mike too. I’m still trying to reconcile specifics, like Mike Guglielmucci’s broken leg, back to this – wondering about whether this should be private or public – and more. One point I’m sure about is that Mike Guglielmucci needs time away from the limelight to heal.

In the back of my head, the one nagging question is why falls from grace seem to always come down to sexual sin.

Is it because sexual sin is so much worse than any other sin?; Or is it because we, as Christians, get so hung up about sexual sin that we repress our own sexuality so deep that it bubbles to the surface in inappropriate and devastating ways?

Edit: To be very clear – nowhere in this post is there any condemnation. If you feel like there is, please point to the piece of text that is condemning, and I will rephrase it for clarity.

Nobody is condemning Mike Guglielmucci here – just discussing the situation.

If your immediate reaction is to criticise people for condeming Mike Guglielmucci, you’ve completely missed the point of what is written here.

Written by Planetshakers Insider

August 24, 2008 at 1:57 pm