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Planetshakers’ Beautiful Woman Woman?

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I don’t know what more to say about this…

Planetshakers Insider Victim of Failed Hacking Attempt

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Received a notification today that someone had attempted to hack into this blog, and the associated email address, using both Gmail’s and WordPress’s password recovery system.

For the record, all of your details are safe and secure – the attempt was very amateurish in its execution.

However, I wanted to share the news of this with you.

Sadly, it would appear on the surface that someone wants to silence the Planetshakers Insider blog, and they’re willing to go to shady and even unlawful lengths to do so.

These are not the actions of honour that some might expect from a Christian – rather, they are clearly sinful actions, and I’m sad that someone would be motivated to those lengths.

I wanted to share the news of this with you to bring the action into the light.

I’m taking pressure from a lot of places, but my resolve stands firm.

It seems ungodly means are being used against us here, and as Alister Cameron said on this blog: “You cannot achieve godly ends by ungodly means.”

Edit: For the sake of clarity, I’m going to say this explicitly: I cannot prove precisely who was behind the attempt made on this blog, and obviously I am not accusing Planetshakers City Church of doing so. I suspect it was a motivated individual working, with intermediate knowledge of computers, working on their own.

Written by Planetshakers Insider

August 27, 2008 at 5:00 pm