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18,000 Flock to Planetshakers Insider in 4 Days

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What an incredible 4 days!

It seems like your frank and open comments here have struck a chord with people worldwide.

Since creating this blog, 18,000 people have visited – around 6,000 more people than you would find at a single Planetshakers’ conference, and I would suspect more people than have visited Planetshakers City Church this year.

That’s over 4,500 visitors per day!

I’ve also been contacted by many people in the past 24 hours – from a Planetshakers team member (we’ll see what comes of this) and a major radio station who wanted to interview me to provide an alternative and balanced insight regarding the Mike Guglielmucci scandal (I suggested they contact the Planetshakers Media Officer first).

And several blogs and web-sites have linked to the articles published on this site.

It’s even more important now that the information here continues to be balanced, fair and discussive – rather than dropping to a level where it may become negative, gossip-filled or derogatory.

Hopefully we can make some positive change, and turn an already great church – Planetshakers City Church – into an incredible church.

Written by Planetshakers Insider

August 27, 2008 at 12:03 am